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Bringing Healthy Legs Back

Are your legs tired, achy, swollen and discolored? We have the solution!

Endovenous Ablation for men and women. 

A simple procedure that takes your tired, achy legs back to healthy legs! Endovenous ablation is an image-guided procedure that uses heat generated by radiofrequency energy to seal off these faulty vessels, diverting blood flow immediately to nearby healthy veins. The procedure is done in our office and takes approximately 1-1 ½ hrs. Recovery time is minimal and you can resume your normal activities the following day.

Unsightly spider veins preventing you from wearing shorts?


Sclerotherapy for medical and cosmetic purposes may be the solution for you! A very small needle is used to inject a sclerosing solution into the varicose or “spider” vein. It is a relatively painless procedure.

The professional and personal care you will receive sets us apart from other vein specialists.


The Vein Center at CCEM offers:

  • Vascular Nurse available to answer your questions 7 days a week

  • Individualized care

  • Comfortable waiting room with television and Keurig coffeemaker

  • Spacious and comfortable procedure room


Imagine life without varicose veins.


Call today to arrange an appointment with one of our endovenous specialists, Dr. Jeffrey Harris or Dr. Robert Cleary.     Lapeer office:  (810) 664-4870

“Endovenous ablation at The Vein Center at Cardiology Consultants of East Michigan was the solution to my leg pain. Last year, I experienced leg pain that woke me up at night and made sitting for any extended period of time almost unbearable. The staff at The Vein Center at CCEM was great in helping me find a solution. The staff was friendly, respectful and competent. Shortly after the procedure, I was able to return to my normal activities, which include running, biking and even sitting for extended periods.”  


- Carrie   Columbiaville, MI

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