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At Cardiology Consultants of East Michigan, our goal is to make your experience at our office comfortable and stress-free. We know that visiting a doctor is stressful in itself; visiting a cardiologist can be especially stressful. You may have many concerns and questions and a lot of uncertainty. We will do our best to make your visit stress-free. To that end, there is minimal paperwork at your first visit. We do ask that at your first visit, and at every visit, you please bring your medical health insurance card with you. As we are updating our offices to Electronic Medical Records, we will be scanning your insurance cards into our system. It is important that we have all your insurance information, including Medicare coverage if available. Our doctors participate in most major health plans, including HMO's. Some of the most common insurances are Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Care Network, Health Plus, HAP and Cofinity. It is important that you check with your health plan to verify that they will cover visits, testing and procedures from our doctors. If your health insurance is an HMO, please bring your referral with you. After your initial visit with us, we will contact your doctor to request referrals for up-coming appointments, but it is still your responsibility to notify your primary care doctor of you appointment here. Most insurance plans today have a co-pay; usually $10 - $30. If your plan has a co-pay, we ask that you pay it at the time you sign in for your visit. If you happen to incur a large balance, we will work with you on arranging a payment schedule that will fit your needs.


In order that our doctors may give you proper treatment, it is important that you please bring with you all medication that you take. If you are unable to bring the medication bottles, please bring a current list of your medicine, even if we did not prescribe it for you. This will allow the doctors to treat you safely and effectively.


Because everyone is so busy, we understand conflicts may arise with your scheduled appointment time. Your follow up with us is very important to your health and, if you do need to reschedule an appointment, we ask that you please be courteous and give as much notice as possible. Our doctors always have a waiting list and early cancellations allow us to accommodate someone else. By the same token, we hope you understand that occasionally there will be times when we need to reschedule your appointment due to unforeseen changes in our physician schedules or emergencies. We will make every effort to find another convenient time for you as close to your original appointment as possible.


Because we do medical testing in our office, we ask that you please turn off cellular phones when in the office. The use of cell phones can be disruptive to our patients and staff as well as our equipment. Our offices now offer free wifi to our patients by logging in as a "guest".


It is very important that you follow all directions given to you by staff members for any testing or procedures. We need to ensure that the results are accurate and can only do that with your cooperation in following directions. We will be more than happy to explain any questions you have.


As a courtesy to our staff and to other patients, we do have a 48-hour rule that applies to prescription refills and sample request. Please note that this does mean business days.


Finally, because visiting the doctor can leave you with questions that you may not remember the answer to, we encourage you to bring a small notebook. In this notebook you can write your questions for the doctor and his answers to you. You will then have this as a record to refer to or to discuss with your family.


If at any time you have concerns about your visit or our staff, please let us know. If you feel that we've met our goal of making your visit comfortable and stress-free, please let us know that also!





Have you ever wondered who the patients are when you hear "In clinical tests, 3 out 4 people reported no side effects"? Some of those people are right here in your community. The doctors at Cardiology Consultants of East Michigan participate in clinical trials that they feel will be beneficial to cardiac patients worldwide.


Some of the studies the physicians are involved in are related to cardiac devices, such as ICD's and Pacemakers. Other studies are medication studies. If your doctor asks you to be involved in a study, please know that we want you to be well-informed. Ask questions and talk it over with your family. Being involved in a medical study involves a commitment on your part; it's important in many studies that you have follow up visits in a specific time period. If you don't think you will be able to keep those commitments or you have other concerns, please let the doctor or staff know.


Through the years, our doctors have been in several studies involving many different ideas and areas. One area that never changes, though, is their dedication to you, our patients. The doctors participate in studies to help advance the science of cardiac care. That means that at some point, you just may benefit from their study!



Erin Baird, Billing Manager





If you are looking for a chance to work in a fast-paced, professional environment, please let us know.


From physicians to physician-assistants to medical assistants to medical receptionist or billers, we embrace the opportunity to work with experienced professionals at all three locations.


Please fax, email, or direct mail your resume of CV to:




Mailing address:

Hiring Manager

Cardiology Consultants of East Michigan

1031 Suncrest Drive

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