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At CCEM we believe that a smart patient is the best patient!

We want you to be the best educated patients around, so we are helping you study!


There is so much information available to patients today, with the Internet making access to bad information just as easy as access to good information. So how do you determine which is which?


One of the most important things to remember is to stick with names you know! If you were going to buy a car, you probably wouldn't buy one from the Wind-Up Car Company--you would buy one from a company you have either had experience with or heard good things about. You would do your research. When it comes to your healthcare, you should be even more vigilant about using trusted information. If you have a choice of believing information from The American Heart Association or Sally-Jo's Homespun Medical Blog, common sense would say to trust the AHA. It is important to remember, however, that before making any decisions about medication, exercise or diet that you speak to your doctor, regardless of where the information came from.



If you have questions about your health and aren't sure where to go for information, try one of these HELPFUL LINKS. These are reputable companies with good information. Again, don't forget to discuss your concerns and findings with your doctor.


As a note to our current patients, if you are hospitalized or in the emergency room, please remember to inform the hospital staff who your cardiologist is. This allows you to have uninterrupted care by the physician or group currently caring for you. 


CCEM has a new educational "tool" for patients with ICD's: Wired For Living.  Wired For Living is our support group for patients with ICD's. This group is also for those who are family members or friends of those with ICD's.


Please contact our office for information on when and where we meet.